Frequently Asked Questions

For ticket verification, find the procedure on the 'Help' section in the app

Paltiket is a virtual ticketing platform where event organizers post their events and make tickets available for buyers wherever they are.

The broader terms of all ticket sales are governed by our Terms of Service and over and above that, each event has its own set rules that applies to the specific venue or event type and can thus differ from one event type / venue to the other.

The terms and conditions of entry at each event will be found in the description of the event section which is available once you select that particular event. Please read carefully before booking tickets to understand the rules of each event.

No, at the moment ticket/seat number is generated automatically after making a successful payment.

Carefully read the event terms or travel company rules for more details.

The ticket details are displayed after successful purchase and this is where you download the ticket QR code from. However, Paltiket will always email a ticket code after a successful purchase to the email address provided at the time of purchase. If you don’t see an email from us, check your junk mail folders, as sometimes the email is diverted there due to your mail filters.

Yes, the ticket that’s generated after a successful transaction will render in the format of a normal A4 page PDF document. Print the page as is, on A4 paper. Use a high-quality printer so that your QR-code is clearly printed and easily scannable Set your printer to Best/Highest quality printing (faintly printed QR-codes may not scan) Keep your ticket safe where the QR-code will not be damaged (do not fold ticket across the QR-code).

Do not attempt to distribute copies of your ticket. Persons presenting duplicate tickets will be refused entry. A ticket is verified once.

Contact Paltiket for further assistance using [email protected] with subject ‘Ticket Assistance’ Hours of operation: Weekdays 9am to 5pm

Bookings are final and tickets are treated as CASH and cannot be replaced. Contact us with your ticket details and we will send you your ticket code. Alternatively, check your email for the ticket code.

Events/campaigns must first be approved before they can appear on the website and, sometimes they may be taken offline for short periods for maintenance. Please try again in a few minutes.

1) Select the event/travel you are interested in. 2) Read terms and conditions. 3) Confirm correct ticket type selected. You can only purchase maximum of 1 ticket/seat per booking/transaction at the moment.

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